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Text Box: We have two Properties For Sale in Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines.
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WELCOME to this private website. We offer properties For Sale By Owner (FSBO) right here in Puerto Princesa City, the optimal base for residency and business on the beautiful Island of Palawan, Philippines.

Would you like to say good bye to the rat-race, retire and live on a beautiful island, having warm weather, friendly people and low costs of living? We have done it and you can do the same! This may come close to the kind of paradise you always have dreamed of. The potential of this place is not yet discovered and publicized by magazines like International Living and Escape Artist. People like you in search for an alternative lifestyle, already have built their house according to their dreams and budget, and happily integrated into the international expatriate community. They easily can live on a fraction of what they would have to spend in their home country.

The growing expatriate community in Palawan come from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Australia, Japan, China and India. One of the advantages migrating to the Philippines is that this is one of the very few countries in Asia where English besides Filipino is an official language and it is the language of instruction in the education system. Almost everybody will be able to understand you.

Palawan is one of the most attractive spots in the Philippines for expatriates because of its beautiful beaches, forests, climate and scenery. Puerto Princesa City has been awarded the title of "The Greenest and Cleanest City" in the Philippines. It is also blessed because there are no natural disasters like typhoons, tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanoes. Famous attractions for tourists are the Sabang Underground River which is a UNESCO World Heritage and is located only a few hours drive from the city. Divers are delighted by the famous and protected Tubbataha reef for its outstanding richness in marine life. Many more diving opportunities exist as well as many beautiful beaches. Hotels and beach resorts for all budgets cater to the travelers.

Philippine's tropical climate is perfect for a stress free and relaxing life, enjoying nature, taking life easy and learning about the warm hearted and friendly Filipinos.

Most of the expatriates decided to settle in Palawan because they not only fell in love with its abundant natural beauty but also felt attracted to the special appeal of loving and dedicated Filipinas who are known for their exotic looks, femininity, loyalty and strong family values. They are very loving to their husbands and children, maybe because they are not under the kind of stress that a working wife and mother has to bear in a rat-race land. 

Puerto Princesa City has most amenities available like the airport, harbor, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, government offices, post office, shopping centers, beaches, hotels and restaurants, internet cafes, high-speed and wireless internet providers, PLDT phone, cell phone coverage from Globe, Smart, and Touch Mobile, cable TV and Satellite TV providers and many more.

We are not agents. For personal reasons we are now offering our privately owned properties. They have clean titles and are free from encumbrances. The Large Lot in Libis Road is in our possession since 27 years. The Lot in Abanico Road is in our possession since 12 years.

The locations of our properties are very attractive and you will find that our prices are competitive and affordable compared with other properties in the city. Both of them are only a few minutes drive away from the city center and its amenities having immediate access to concrete roads.

An expatriate unfamiliar with the procedure of acquiring/owning agriculture, business, commercial, residential or property for other purposes will find more information here: law concerning land ownership in the Philippines. There are many attorneys who would like to serve you and help you to protect your interest.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or like to get more information. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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