Flowers, Trees & Other Plants


Feast your eyes Plant Lovers!

We have a vast variety of flowers, trees and other plants. Enjoy the wonderful smell of Ilang-ilang’s, Sampaguita’s and Dama de Noche’s in the evening before falling asleep.


Enjoy the nice shade of our trees both in front and behind the house.


Enjoy toiling in the garden, the perfect activity to unwind from the daily routines and hectic life that you had in the past.


Here are a few samples of flowers that you truly will find in our garden.

Dwarf KalachuchiWhite EuphorbiaPink White EuphorbiaWhite EuphorbiaLight Pink EuphorbiaDonna AuroraYellow EuphorbiaYellow CosmusChristmas flower or Red PointsetiaPink and Yellow KalachuchiAgabe with Egg tipsCactusYellow BambooPalmCactus