The House

House and Lot features:

5000m / 0.5 Hectares / 1.24 Acres Land Area
100m Total Living Area
100m Attic/Storage area
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Internal Kitchen
1 External Kitchen
1 Bar Area
1 Living Room
1 Office Room
1 Garage
2 Terraces (front & back)
1 Maid Quarters
Huge Garden
Pets Allowed
Children Allowed

The Perfect Home for your family.




Lot Size: 5000m or 1.24 Acres

Shape: 150m x 33m


 Ground Floor: 120m or 1300ft

- Living, Dining and Office area

- 3 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathrooms

- Internal Kitchen


 Upper Floor (Attic): 120m or 1300ft

- maid quarters

- Large storage


 External Kitchen



 Water-Tank Tower

 Well maintained lovely Flower Garden, Orchard & Valuable Trees

Amenities that easily can be added:


 Water supply from the city

 Cable TV

 Swimming Pool