Puerto Princesa City

The Greenest and Cleanest City

Puerto Princesa City, east-central Palawan, Philippines. It is an important port on a sheltered inlet of the Sulu Sea, south of Honda Bay, and it has an airport.


Puerto Princesa is the center and capital of Palawan. It is the site of Palawan State University (PSU), and Western Philippines University (WPU) at Aborlan in the south. City Population at present: about 100,000.


Puerto Princesa City has repeatedly been rewarded the title of the country's "cleanest and greenest" city. There are many more tourist attractions that make Palawan an excellent choice for leisure travelers and retirees from all over the world.


About four hours south of Puerto Princesa, the small town of Quezon serves as a starting point to visit the Tabon Caves, where remnants of Filipino settlers dating to 22,000 B.C. have been found.


By far the most spectacular place in Palawan is the St. Paul Underground River. It is a  showcase of artworks of nature. Magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations, century-old masterpieces, adorn the recesses of the cavern that runs 8 kms through solid rocks.