Text Box: Terrace
Text Box: A Relaxing Place
Text Box: Our Toyota
Text Box: Tamaraw FX
Text Box: Garage
Text Box: Space for Car, Bike and more
Thumbnail / Link for Terrace - Breezy Relaxing PlaceThumbnail / Link for Garage - Space for Big car or drying clothes on rainy daysThumbnail / Link for External Kitchen - The Convenient Cleaning place for inconvenient foodText Box: Water Tank & Pumps
Text Box: Our own Well with drinking water quality
Text Box: Wireless Internet
Text Box: Antenna for Wireless Internet is installed
Text Box: Satellite TV
Text Box: DREAM-TV with over 50 Channels 
Text Box: Flowers, Trees & Other Plants
Text Box: Feast Your Eyes Plant Lovers!
Thumbnail / Link for Water Tank & Pumps - Our own Well with drinking water qualityThumbnail / Link for Satellite TV - DREA-TV with over 50 International ChannelsThumbnail / Link for Wireless Internet - Antenna for Wireless Internet is installed
Thumbnail / Link for Flowers, Trees & Other Plants - Feast Your Eyes Plant Lovers!

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Text Box: Palawan
Text Box: Puerto Princesa City
Text Box: Greenest and Cleanest City
Text Box: Abanico Road
Text Box: Here you can find the location of our house
Text Box: The House
Text Box: Perfect Home for your family
Text Box: Front Yard
Text Box: A Great Place to relax or have a Barbecue
Text Box: The Gate
Text Box: Entrance to the Property
Text Box: Behind the House
Text Box: View from External Kitchen
Text Box: Backyard
Text Box: View to the House
Text Box: The Drive Way
Text Box: View from Gate
Text Box: Front Fence/Hedge
Text Box: Along the Street
Text Box: Backyard
Text Box: View to Creek
Text Box: The Creek-bed
Text Box: Border of San Pedro / Tiniguiban

Philippines, Palawan, Puerto Princesa City.

Thumbnail / Link for Abanico Road - Located on border of Barangay San Pedro & TiniguibanThumbnail / Link for The House - Perfect Home for your familyThumbnail / Link for Front Yard - A Great Place to relax or have a BarbecueThumbnail / Link for The Gate - Entrance to your HomeThumbnail / Link for The Drive Way - View from GateThumbnail / Link for Behind the House - View from External KitchenThumbnail / Link for Back Yard 2 - View from Pool to CreekThumbnail / Link for Palawan "The Last Frontier"Thumbnail / Link for Front Fence / Hedge - Along the StreetThumbnail / Link for Puerto Princesa City "The Greenest and Cleanest City"Thumbnail / Link for Back Yard  - View from Pool to HouseThumbnail / Link for The Creek-bed - Border of San Pedro / TiniguibanText Box: “The Last Frontier”
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